Another Happy Cy-Fair Mechanical Client!

By | April 18, 2016

Just received this review from Tyler Z. in Cypress, Texas.

“Our 23 year old builder grade Carrier system was on its last leg. It was still working but it was only a matter of time before its inevitable failure. We decided to be proactive and replace it before the weather got any warmer. I found Cy-fair Mechanical on Google and their reviews seemed fair so I called and requested an estimate. Ronny came out the same day and provided an estimate on the spot after listening to what I wanted and explaining some things in regards to what a new system would entail. He was polite and professional in his presentation and best of all, NO PRESSURE. Nothing sours a deal like pressure to sign a contract. The estimate was very fair and was right in line with what we were thinking it would cost so we skipped getting any other estimates and went with them for the service. Having gotten multiple quotes for our previous project, it’s a hassle and pretty unpleasant to have to deal with multiple companies. Called the next day and gave the project the green light. David advised it would be another week before they could start but that was partly due to my availability and with our old system still working, there was no immediate need for replacement. A few days before the start day, he called again to follow up. On the day of the install, they arrived when they said they would and the crew of 4-5 guys headed by Alfredo(I believe that was his name) got right to work. Seemed like everyone knew their job and they worked diligently to knock out the project in an expedient manner. They took time to lay down protection on the floor and were cautious when moving things in and out of the house. All said and done, it took them just under four hours and the new system was blowing cold air. Ronny came by as well as David and both were very polite and thorough in checking the work of the crew. They did a good job cleaning up, even when one of the vents blew a bunch of old junk out all over our dining room table. Clean up is a huge deal to me. Our previous AC company left a small but very apparent mess in the attic the last time they were up there which was a bit frustrating and it cost them any further business. Ronny explained everything and several of them commented on my new choice of thermostat (Honeywell wi-fi) which is apparently a very popular choice. It’s always a very satisfying feeling when a project goes smoothly, especially with the cost involved. Our new system is amazingly quiet and we are anxious to see our bills in the summer now with our new system and the new windows we did last year. Hopefully we don’t have any AC needs in the future, but if we do, I would not hesitate to call David at Cy-fair Mechanical.”