Is Your Air Conditioning System Broken?

By | May 20, 2014

Symptoms of a broken air conditioner are sometimes obvious, but at other times they can be more elusive. If you air conditioner is having any of the following systems, it could be an indicator of a more serious problem.

Symptoms of a Broken Air Conditioner

  • Leaking water either inside or outside the home such as under an eve-Leaking water can be a sign that the indoor coil drainage system is stopped up. The drain systems will need to be cleared and an algae preventative added by an air conditioning service technician.
  • Your air conditioner is taking longer than normal to cool your home-There are quite a few causes for slow cooling, but probably the most common are refrigerant leaks within the system or dirty equipment.
  • High utility bills-Abnormally high cooling costs can be caused by several things too, but by far the most common is a dirty stopped up indoor or outdoor coil.
  • High humidity-High humidity is often caused by a coil that is freezing up.
  • Strange odors when the air conditioner is on-A dirty coil is often the culprit of strange odors within the air system.
  • A buzzing noise in the outdoor unit-Since the outdoor unit contains many electrical components having an unusual noise in the unit is a sign of impending failure. Contactors and motors alike can both make a strange noise before they fail.
  • Noticeable oil in and around the outdoor unit’s components-The most typical place you might find an oil leak would be around the refrigerant drier. They often rust out slowly and when they do, oil can be seen around the area that is rusted. This creates a refrigerant leak, lowering the efficiency and cooling power of your air conditioner.
  • Dirty air vents-Dirty air vents can indicate a breech in the homes duct system. Air leaks are a major factor in underperforming systems.
  • A vibration when the indoor van comes on-Your indoor unit has a large blower wheel that circulates the air thru the system. A vibration can indicate that the wheel has become out of balance or that the bearings are going bad.

Anyone of these items could indicate a serious problem with your air conditioner. Some of the problems will not hamper your air conditioners ability to cool, but extensive repair costs can be avoided by catching these problems as soon as they start.

When it comes time to have your air conditioner services it is always a good idea to call a licensed air conditioning contractor. A professional air conditioning technician will be able to diagnose your system and get it tuned-up and running at peak efficiency.

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