Is Your Air Conditioning System Broken?

Symptoms of a broken air conditioner are sometimes obvious, but at other times they can be more elusive. If you air conditioner is having any of the following systems, it could be an indicator of a more serious problem. Symptoms of a Broken Air Conditioner Leaking water either inside or outside the home such as… Read More »

Purchasing a New Air Conditioner?

What You Need To Know Purchasing or replacing a whole house forced air conditioning unit is a major expense for most homeowners. If you are facing such a prospect and you’re looking for information about how to select the right air-conditioning unit for your home, then you’re in luck because we have what you’re looking… Read More »

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Would we expect top performance from a car that hadn’t had a tune up in over a year? Would we expect a piano to play every note on key without a tune up? So why do we expect this from our air conditioning and heating systems especially during a hot Houston summer? Regular air conditioner… Read More »